Second Nature Initiative

Second Nature is a new and exciting initiative that aims to re-imagine an ecosystem where marine plastic is the raw material for a new economy that uses technological and cultural innovation to bring about social change. It focuses on creating a new mindset towards "waste": instead of unwanted material requiring disposal, waste can be regarded as raw material to be fed back into the production process, as part of a closed loop system.

 Working with initiatives that focus on the prevention and reduction of marine plastic pollution, Second Nature wishes to act as a catalyst for the faster and more effective transformation of marine plastic waste into the raw material of high-value applications, with the use of emerging technologies.


This can be achieved by:

1. Bringing experts and stakeholders together

2. Educating youth

3. Developing and supporting innovative projects

4. Advocating and raising public awareness

Second Nature is an Initiative developed by The New Raw and the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation