Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation – Second Nature Technological Innovation Grant

Basic Information

We will be looking at the creation of a new technology which is about bringing the 3 concepts of the Second Nature Initiative, Marine Plastic Pollution, Blue and Circular Economy and New Technologies, is considered by the panel as “industry changing”.

Eligibility information


  •  International participants

  • Ages until 45 

  • University affiliation is not a prerequisite

What the judges will be looking for / What the participants will need to demonstrate

(Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions before applying)


  • Why their research is important and industry changing

  • What is the new technology that they have created and how is it expected to be implemented

  • What will the funding go against

  • Readiness level (see below) – Maximum Level 5

The TRL scale is a metric for describing the maturity of a technology. The scale consists of 9 levels. Each level
characterises the progress in the development of a technology, from the idea (level 1) to the full deployment of the
product in the marketplace (level 9). The TRL definitions used for the Second Nature Innovation Grant are:
1. Level 1 - Basic Research: basic principles are observed and reported
2. Level 2 – Applied Research: technology concept and/or application formulated
3. Level 3 – Critical function, proof of concept established
4. Level 4 – Laboratory testing of prototype component or process
5. Level 5 – Laboratory testing of integrated system
6. Level 6 – Prototype system verified
7. Level 7 – Integrated pilot system demonstrated
8. Level 8 – System incorporated in commercial design
9. Level 9 – System ready for full scale deployment
10. Level beyond 9 - Market introduction

There will be one winner - Grant Prize USD 35,000

Indicative timeline

  • Calls open June 2018

  • Calls close 15 of November 2018

  • Circulation of candidates and their proposals by the Foundation to the judging panel until 20th of December2018

  • First selection takes place 10th January 2019

  • Final selection of winner 10 April 2019

  • Winner announced May 2019 from the Foundation